How it Works

How it Works

You will see how simple it is


We are available to provide you with all the assistance you need to acquire your project. All you need to do is send us your e-mail address.

All you need to do to shop at our store is to choose the project which suits you best As such, we have developed the FILTER option to facilitate your search. Simply specify the main characteristics of the project you are looking for and the site will provide you with the projects best suited to your needs. We provide technical data sheets with photorealism, floor plans, elevations and cross section to ensure you don´t purchase a project you don't want. All you need to do is to register free of charge to gain access to all the data sheets.

The purchasing process is the same as that of any online store. You place the items in a virtual shopping basket and conclude the purchase by providing your personal data. We use secure payment systems to guarantee the security of your personal data (PayPal and Easypay). In the event you wish to use a different means of payment, we will find a solution. You will also be able to perform a bank transfer in most currencies and countries.

After the purchase process has been concluded the documents will remain available for downloading in your customer area for 1 month.

This store has been designed to serve designers and design firms. As such, a system of points has been created to reduce the price of the projects. Each purchase is credits points which can then be used to buy other projects at no cost.

We have included a construction cost simulator to help you with your choice. This simulator enables you to calculate the approximate cost of construction of your project in several different countries and using most currencies.

Projects may be purchased in two formats:

- A non-editable format with pdf documents, with customisable captions and the option of adding complementary texts. This version of the project is very economical and may serve for the customer to assess the project in more detail or for cases in which the customer does not intend to alter the project.
- A completely editable format with documents in DWG and DOC formats, where the customer can personalise the project by altering whatever he wants.

In accordance with the limits of the files acquired, the project may be amended with the aim of and taking into account the adaptation of the same.

The purchase of this project does not include any obligation on our part to adapt, amend, license, certify or monitor the project or any other commitment. If you should require support in these areas we have a network of partners available to assist you.

Click here to read all the terms and conditions in relation to our store.

Please contact us in the event of doubt.

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