In our library you will find a wide range of model projects, in various domains to download. With so many diverse ideas it is natural you will find a idea for the project you are looking for.

This library has a double function:
  • Offer digital content with good project ideas that may be used by professional;
  • Provide professional a place where they can publish their work in a website with great visibility;

We aim to provide good architectural ideas, but also the most common engineering ideas behind each project. Depending on the country and the place, other engineering projects may be necessary and the digital content provided needs to be adapted to the regulations and the place.
We offer you concept designs (more economical) with the main technical drawings and detailed projects with more construction details.
The projects are available in non-editable format specially indicated for product evaluation (more economical) and in fully editable format so you can transform the supplied drafted ideas into the project that fit perfectly your needs.

You will find project ideas online for download of:
  • Single family homes;
  • Multi-family apartment blocks;
  • Industry and warehouses;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Commercial;
  • Schools;
  • Administrative Buildings;
  • Sports facilities;
  • and many others.

We intend to serve a wide range of customers:
  • Students in need of reference projects to study;
  • Professional architects and engineers may use our digital content in their projects;
  • Construction firms may present to their customers a project solution and construction estimates in a few hours;
  • Real estate developers can associate a competitive project solution to their land making a more appealing presentation;
  • End customers wishing to execute their own construction with the assistance of a qualified professional.

We promise to work on a daily basis to ensure our store is a benchmark in the sector.
We will strive to expand our list of projects to enable you to find your project more easily.
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