Terms of Use

Terms of Use



Contract for use of the Website




1. Definitions

2. This document

3. Introduction

4.  Copyright

5.  License to use the Website

6.  About buying Digital Content

7.  Acceptable Use

8.  Registration as a Member and accounts

9. Identification and password

10. Cancellation and suspension of accounts

11. Your Digital content: rights

12.  Your Digital content:

13. Limited warranty

14. Limitation and exclusion of liability

15. Breach of these terms and conditions

16. Changes

17. Assignment

18. Divisibility

19.  Third party rights

20.  Entire agreement

21. Law and Jurisdiction

22. Registration and tax information

23. Our contacts

24. Version



1. Definitions

All definitions, throughout the document, are distinguished with bold formatting (bold) and with the first letter capitalized.

1.1. Website - set of web pages, or hypertext that are usually accessible by HTTP protocol (or other) on the internet.

1.2. Shop-electronic trading platform made available by the Website;

1.3. Browser -A browser is a computer program that allows its Users to interact with virtual documents from the Internet, and that are hosted on a WebServer;

1.4. Newsletter -newsletter is a document of regular distribution to subscribers, distributed as an electronic message on the internet;

1.5. User - any person who interacts with the Website;

1.6. Customer - any User who buys Digital Content, products or services on the Shop;

1.7. Partner - any User that provides digital content or services to the Website;

1.8. Member - User, Client or Partner that is registered on the Website;

1.9. Password - set of characters that make up a key to enter the Website;

1.10. We, Our - refers to our company and/or Shop "Ideas4Project";

1.11. You, Your - Refers to the User of the Website;

1.12. Cookie -A Cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored by your Browser on your computer's hard disk;

1.13. Copyright- It's about the rights established in the code of COPYRIGHT and related rights, approved by the Portuguese Decree-Law nº. 63/85, of 14 March, and amended by laws nº. 45/85 of September 17, and 114/91 of September 3, and decree-laws Nºs. 332/97 and 334/97, both of 27 November, by law No. 50/2004 , August 24, by law nº 24/2006 of 30 June and by law nº. 16/2008 of 1 April. These are Portuguese legislation and the respective transpositions of European legislation;

1.14. Download -In technology, download is used to reference data that is obtained from a device through a communication channel over the internet;

1.15. Upload -Is the transfer of data from one computer location to another computer or to a server;

1.16. PDF -Short for Portable Document Format. Is a file format (file), developed by Adobe Systems ®, for representing documents independently of the means used to create it. A PDF file can describe documents containing text, graphics and images and is not freely editable.

1.17. DWG -Is the file extension of 2D and 3D drawing software native to AutoCAD ® and are editable;

1.18. Digital Content - refers to all the work and material published on the Website, including without limitation text, graphics, drawings, images, audio, video, audiovisual, scripts, software and files;

1.19. Technical Sheet - This is a document containing information relating to products. Can be supplied on paper or digital format;

1.20. Ideas4Project -Name of the Shop whose domain is;

2. This document

2.1. This document applies to:

a) Our relationship with Users of the Website;

b) Our relationship with Members of the Website;

c) Our relationship with Customers of the Website;

d) Our relationship with Partners of the Website;

e) commercial or legal relationship resulting from the use of the Website, the Shop, the materials and Digital Content, of the services provided or the services provided by third parties.

3. Introduction

3.1. The Website "Ideas4Project", published in the domain, is owned by the company identified at the end of this document.

3.2. We do not guarantee that the Website or any part thereof is appropriate or available for use in your area of jurisdiction or in your country. By choosing to access the Website, the User is fully aware that he does it on its own initiative and risk and is responsible for observing all applicable laws, rules and regulations of your country. The User may also be subject to national and international import controls and is responsible for complying with applicable standards and regulations and to accept all the taxes due that are not specific to Portuguese law.

3.3. These terms and conditions, the privacy policy and Cookies, constitute the contractual rules that govern your use of the Website, all digital content, all trade relations and all services offered.

3.4. When using the Website, you agree in full with this document. In case you disagree with the terms and conditions of this document, with our policy of Cookies or our privacy policy, or any part thereof, you should not use the Website, or use any element contained in it or provide any element to integrate digital content available on the Website.

3.5. When registering on the Website as a User, Customer or Partner, we will ask you to explicitly agree with this document.

3.6. Any User must be at least 18 years old to use the Website. When using the Website or agreeing to this document, you are ensuring and indicating you are more than 18 years old.

3.7. The Website uses Cookies. When using the Website or agreeing to these conditions, you allowing the use of Cookies in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy and policy of Cookies.

4.  Copyright

4.1. Ideas4Project is a registered trademark in Portugal.

4.2. Before using the Ideas4Project Shop you have to recognize that:

a) We, together with our licensors and Partners, own and control all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Website and all Digital Content and other material on the Website;

b) All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Website and all the Digital Content of the Website are reserved. Unless expressly permitted, you are not authorized to reproduce, sell, loan or transfer to third parties any Digital Content or material from the Website;

c) When buying a Digital Content we do not transfer to you any copyright or other intellectual property rights, trademark, patent or other. What you are purchasing is a license to use the Digital Content, under the conditions of this document;

d) Cannot remove notices of copyright, trademark, registered trademark, patent or other proprietary rights notices from the Website or from your Digital Content, Software, or other materials from the Website.

5.  License to use the Website

5.1. The Website can be used by simple Users, who when registered as Members have reserved privileges and can get some free Digital Content; When a Member completes his personal information and buys Digital Content he is called a Client. If the Member requests to submit and submits Digital Content, free or paid, to integrate the Website, register for the business directory, or provides service to the Shop, he will be named a Partner. The same User can be a Client Member and Partner Member.

5.2. Terms and conditions as a User:

a) Can view pages of the Website in Your Browser;

b) Once you register as a member you can Download free pages from the Website, solely for personal, informational and non-commercial purposes, provided that the documents are not modified or altered in any way;

c) You cannot use the Website or on information from this Website to Download, Upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transmit, assign, modify, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative work based on, whether in whole or in part without Our prior written consent;

d) You can print free pages from the Website, once you register as a member;

e) You can listen and view audio and video from the Website;

f) You can only use the Digital Content and free materials to evaluate and know better the Digital Content from the Shop. Any other use is not allowed;

g) If you want your account to be suspended or removed from the Website You must request it in writing by means of the contacts available.


5.3. Terms and conditions as Client:

a) You are subject to all the conditions of the User in 5.2;

b) The Technical Sheets of the products presented on the Website are merely illustrative and are intended only as a guide to the product that is for sale.

c) The digital content provided were produced on the basis of the legislation identified in the respective Technical Sheets. These Technical Sheets can be consulted for free before making a purchase on the Website. After you have made a purchase, we do not accept returns of the paid value given the nature of the product.

d) When you purchase a Digital Content is granted an authorization to use them. The Digital Content purchased can be used for various purposes, except for the not allowed by this document or by the law of the country where these contents are acquired. The purchase of the Digital Content does not transferred to the Client any copyright or any intellectual property rights.

e) You can purchase Digital Content in editable and non-editable format. The Digital Content purchased can be used as a base and as a reference in a building project, once properly adapted by qualified professional and provided that the law of the country permits it.

f) The Digital Content purchased cannot be used for any other purpose beyond that specified in 5.3;

g) To the extent allowed by the acquired files, their modification is allowed in order to adapt them. All changes and modifications are permitted as to make them comply to licensing, certification, approval, or other act of validation or formal approval of the resulting project, or to its adaptation to place, terrain, climate, functionality or aesthetics among others. All drawings, in the project resulting from the adaptation of Digital Content, can only be used to perform a single construction.

h) We do not guarantee that the digital content are according to the law of the country where the Digital Content is acquired and this situation must be evaluated by the user or by a professional. We do not warrant that these digital content can be used for purposes other than study or reference. These digital content may not serve to license or construct projects. If you want to purchase a Digital Content with the purpose to build a construction, consult an authorized professional specialist before purchasing any Digital Content from this Shop.

i) The Client can obtain points offers when purchasing of products marked in the Shop or through marketing campaigns, and may use these points to purchase products or services. Points earned will not be convertible into cash or money and are non-refundable, their only purpose being to serve for transactions on the Website while it is available; Users who see your account suspended or canceled forfeit the points.


5.4. Terms and conditions for Partner:

a) Be subject to all the conditions of the User in 5.2;

b) Can submit Digital Content whose copyright and all intellectual property rights belong to them, for publication in our Shop.

c) You can register in our Directory as a professional or firm. There are four categories: project, construction, construction materials and real estate (land advertising). After validation these companies will be visible in a business directory and will be presented to Users of the Website.

d) If it is in the interest of the Partner to submit digital content, they should contact Our services for the framework process;

and) We reserve the right to adapt the Digital Content to other languages;

f) In case of Our interest in publishing Digital Content we will negotiate a monetary values payable to you. The amount payable depends on the quality of Digital Content and the greater or lesser ease and work that our team will have to tailor the Digital Content to the graphic image of the Shop, or to different languages;

g) No Digital Content will go on sale in the Shop before there is an agreement on the amount to be paid to the Partner. We will be issued an Annex to this agreement with the identification of each Digital Content, with the format of the Attachment Type[E1] , where a Commission will be proposed to the author for the publication and/or republication in other languages. In the case of the Partner agrees with the commission's proposals in that annex he must sign and return the form and it will constitute an integral part of the agreement expressed in this document.

h) After acceptance by the Partner of the conditions previous stated it shall be deemed he has accepted all conditions and terms of this agreement and is established the amount to be paid.

i) It is up to Our team to decide the technical and commercial interest and the quality of Digital Content submitted for publication. We reserve the right to publish only the digital content that satisfies our criteria;

j) After acceptance of Our payment terms and the terms and conditions of this document, the Digital Content cannot be removed from the Shop at the request of the Partner;

k) At the submission of digital content to Shop, and after accepting the terms and conditions expressed in this document and the signed Annex submitted, the author of the Digital Content transfers all copyright and all intellectual property rights to the company that owns the Shop;

l) At the request of the Partner he may terminate and end the contract that binds the Partner to our Shop. This termination does not include the right of return of the copyright and other intellectual property rights granted to the shop and its company until that date; The shop may continue to publish and sell the digital content but will not refer the Partner or pay commissions.

m) It is up to the Shop to set the selling price of the products of the Shop. We reserve the right to change the price or carry out promotions to boost sales;

n) The Partner is responsible for all violations of copyright or intellectual property rights relating to their digital content that he supplies to the Shop and gets published;

o) We reserve the right to withdraw from the Shop any Digital Content for reasons of lack of quality, doubt about the copyright of Digital Content or for reasons of business strategy;

p) The payment of commissions or other agreed values will be placed in a bank account in Portugal. If the Partner requests, and the law permits, we will pay commissions on international accounts, or by international bank checks, as long as the extra cost is supported by the Partner; For every payment made the Partner should issue an accounting document;

q) The Partner accepts that the copyright may be transferred to another legal entity, existing or to be created, as long as he is guaranteed payment of commissions as agreed.

5.5. In addition specified in 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4, or other terms and conditions of this document, is not authorized to Download or save, on your computer, any Digital Content or material from the Website.

5.6. You may access the Website for personal and commercial use. Any other use is not allowed.

5.7. Unless explicitly allowed by the terms and conditions of this document you shall not change any Digital Content or material from the Website.

5.8. Unless you are the owner of the copyright or other intellectual property rights may not:

a) Republish material from the Website, including republication on another Website;

b) Sell, rent or sub-license material from the Website;

c) Display material from the Website in public;

d) Explore the material from the Website for commercial purposes other than those permitted;

e) Redistribute material from the Website.

5.9. The Newsletter may be redistributed in paper or in digital format in a freely as long as it is not altered and in this case you are not subject to the restrictions of 5.8.

5.10. We reserve the right to restrict the access to areas of the Website, or all of the Website, at our discretion; You may not try to go around or bypass this restriction, or any restriction to access the Website.

6.  About buying Digital Content

6.1. Each Digital Content purchased can be used as a base, after adapted, to build a project based on Digital Content purchased. This includes a possible version of Digital Content obtained by changes, adaptations, modifications, enhancements, or other actions taken on the original Digital Content, including those that are necessary to adapt the Digital Content to local law.

6.2. Within the limitations of the files purchased in PDF format and/or DWG, you can make changes and adjustments necessary for the implementation construction project..

6.3. When you buy a Digital Content you are buying license to use the Digital Content and you are not granted any copyright or intellectual property rights.

6.4. Should you wish to build a project based on the Digital Content you purchased, we recommend that you contact a qualified professional to assist and accompany you in the project, including possible changes which are necessary to adapt the project, in particular to the law, to the site and during construction.

6.5. The purchase of Digital Content does not include from Our part any obligation to adapt, modify, license or certify, monitor the project or any other commitment. The sale of Digital Content is limited to the supply of the components you Download. In this sense there is no responsibility or due diligence to license, certify or approve any Digital Content downloaded with the purpose of building a project.

6.6. The information provided with the Digital Content may not have taken into account all aspects of the laws, regulations or other legally binding documents that are local and country-specific.

6.7. To be built all digital content made available on the Website may require licensing or certification with competent entities. The digital content may have to be adapted to local conditions, in particular to the legislation in force, the land on which it will be deployed, taking into account the slope of the terrain, load capacity of foundations, or other health conditions, standards and legislation. Climate and solar orientation are also important aspects to keep in mind. Some materials may not exist locally and may have to be changed or adapted.

6.8. All digital content that may give rise to a project intended for building may have to be, according to the country, changed or adapted by a qualified professionals who is duly accredited. This professional should take full responsibility that the project complies with local rules.

6.9. All digital content has a deadline for delivery as indicated on the Website that is counted after payment confirmation, unless exceptional situations in which the client will be notified in advance of the respective delivery time. If the deadline is not met the Shop assumes only the responsibility of returning the amount paid in case it's requested by the Client. Most projects are readily available in Portuguese but there may be a longer delivery time for projects in other languages. The estimated delivery time is indicated on the Website.

6.10. Prices shown are final prices to pay in Portugal, being excluded any additional fees in force in each country where the product is purchased, or any customs fee, or international export transaction charges.

6.11. Prices shown correspond to prices in practice, however, they should only be considered valid as long as they are visible on the Website on a refreshed page (Cached or not refreshed pages may show prices which are no longer in practice). The visible price, is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is properly registered and paid for.

6.12. The available means of payment are Paypal, valid credit card, wire transfer and payment by Atm reference (available only for Portugal) and Boleto Bancário (available only in Brazil).

6.13. The Client waives the termination of the contract;

6.14. Due to the digital nature of the products the action of Downloading products will be considered a breach of inviolability, and it is not possible, from that moment on, to cancel the purchase letter (a) of article 17 of Decree-Law (Portuguese Republic) nº 2014/24 of 14 February.

7.  Acceptable Use

7.1. You can't:

a) Use the Website in such a way or take actions which causes, or may cause, damage to the Website, decrease its performance, availability or accessibility;

b) Use the Website in any way that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or linked to any action or activity that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful

c) Use the Website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, publish or distribute any material which consists of, or is connected to any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keyboard player, rootkit or other malicious software ;

d) Carry out and collection, on the Website, systematic or automated data without prior written authorization.

e) Accessing or interacting with the Website using a robot, spider or other automatic means;

f) Use any information collected on the Website for sending direct marketing, including but not limited to emailmarketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing and direct mailing .

7.2. Should not use data collected on the Website to contact directly individuals, companies or other persons or entities.

7.3. Should ensure that any information you provide to Us or to the Website or regarding the Website is true, accurate, current, complete and not surreptitious;

8.  Registration as a Member and accounts

8.1. To be eligible to have an account on the Website according to 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and the terms and conditions of this document, you must be at least 18 years old.

8.2. You can Register on the Website the as listed in 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 by filling out a form, suitable for each situation, and by clicking the link that will be sent to you by e-mail by the Website.

8.3. If you notice that your account has been, or may be, used in an unauthorized manner you must inform us in writing immediately.

8.4. You shall not use the account of another person to access the Website.

9. Identification and password

9.1. When registering on the Website you will be identified by an email address and a password.

9.2. You must keep your password secret.

9.3. In the event of infringement or disclosure of the password, you must inform us in writing immediately.

9.4. You are responsible for any activity that can be practiced in the Website by others, as a result of not keeping Your password secret and can be held liable for any damages arising out of this failure of secrecy.

9.5. Before revealing personal information of third parties you must obtain permission from them, for disclosure and our treatment of personal information.

10. Cancellation and suspension of accounts

10.1. We may at any time and at our discretion without notice or explanation:

a) Suspend Your account;

b) Cancel Your account;

c) Edit the details of Your account;

10.2. If you want to cancel or suspend Your account must send a written request to the email

11. Your Digital content: rights

11.1. Under the terms and conditions of this document, "Digital content" refers to all the work and material, including without limitation text, graphics, drawings, images, audio, video, audiovisual, scripts, software and files that You submit to the Website for storage, publication or sale, to be processed, or transmitted by the Website, regardless of the way you submit an we get these elements.

11.2. By submitting Your Digital Content You give us in world terms and irrevocably and exclusively all rights of ownership, copyright and all intellectual property rights. In return you will receive a payment agreement and commissions for each Digital Content sold. By transferring ownership and copyright and intellectual property rights, you authorize us to use, reproduce, store, adapt, publish, translate and distribute your Digital Content in any media existent or to come in the future, store and publish your Digital Content on a Website or on an succeeding Website or another platform or format that exist or is to come to exist.

11.3. In these terms you immediately grant us the right to sub-license or transfer the rights acquired in 11.2 and the remaining terms and conditions of this document, as long as you are granted the commissions or agreed payments.

11.4 You Grant us, the legal right to file a legal action for infringement of the Rights expressed in 11.2 and other terms and conditions of this document.

11.5. Without prejudice to other terms and conditions expressed in this document, if you violate in any way the clauses of the terms and conditions of this document, we may delete, remove, edit, change, adapt or make any modifications to your Digital Content.

12.  Your Digital content:

12.1. In Case you provides any Digital content to the Shop, as a Partner, You are stating and ensuring that you own all the copyright and all rights of property, and in the same moment and act are transferring these to Us.

12.2. You guarantee and ensures that Your Digital Content is in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document.

12.3. You declare, unequivocally, that Your Digital Content is in accordance with the information provided in the technical data sheets.

12.4. Your Digital Content must not be illegal or unlawful, cannot infringe the legal rights of other persons or entities, and should not give rise to legal actions that may go against other persons or entities (in each case and in any jurisdiction).

12.5. The Your Digital Content and to Our use of Your Digital Content, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document cannot:

a) Be slanderous or maliciously false;

b) Be obscene or indecent;

c) Infringe any copyright, Publisher, copyright, moral, database, trademark, design, patent, intellectual property or transaction or any other.

d) Breaking confidentiality, rights of privacy or secrecy;

e) Constitute negligent advice, or contain negligent statements;

f) Constitute incitement to crime;

g) Be in non-compliance with any court order or court;

h) Constitute racial discrimination, religious hatred or any other form of discrimination;

i) Be considered blasphemy;

j) Be in violation of State secret laws;

k) Be in breach of contract due to any person;

l) Show violence, explicit, graphic or unnecessary;

m) Be wanton, pornographic, suggestive or sexually explicit;

n) Be a lie, false, inaccurate, deceptive or misleading;

o) Constitute or contain instructions, advice or other information that can induce or cause illness, injury or death, or any loss or injury;

p) Constitute spam;

q) Be offensive, fraudulent, threatening, only reached, abusive, harassing, hateful, discriminatory, be antisocial or inflammatory;

r) Cause irritation, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person.

13. Limited warranty

13.1. We do not guarantee or affirm that:

a) The information on the Website is accurate or complete;

b) The information on the Website is updated and complies with all legislation or rules of each place or country;

c) The Website or any service of the Website is always available or will be available in the future.

13.2. We reserve Us the right to discontinue or change any part or all of the services of the Website, to discontinue the publication of the Website, at any time at Our discretion without notice or explanation; You not eligible for any compensation at the time of discontinuation or alteration of any service of the Website, or even if we no longer publish the Website.

13.3. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude any warranty on the material subject to the terms and conditions of this document, with the Website, Shop and resulting from use of the Website.

14. Limitation and exclusion of liability

14.1. The limitation and exclusion of liability in these terms and conditions govern all responsibility arising out of the terms and conditions of this document or related to the subject of the terms and conditions of this document, including contractual liabilities, damages, including negligence, and breach of legal duties.

14.2. All the information and services provided free of charge on the Website will not be subject to any liability or compensation for loss or injury or any other.

14.3. The goods and services paid for in Shop will be subject to a liability or compensation which may not exceed the monetary value paid for Digital Content, product, information or service.

14.4. We shall not be liable for any loss resulting from any event or events that stay out of our reasonable control.

14.5. We shall not be liable for any loss, current or future business, including without limitation loss of profits, revenue, income, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities or profits.

14.6. We are not responsible for any damage or loss of any data, information, database or software.

14.7. We are not responsible for any loss or damage, indirect special or consequential damages.

14.8. You accept that it is Our interest to limit Our responsibility, and the responsibility of Our managers, directors, agents, employees, suppliers and Partners and in respect of this interest, You agree that the liability is limited. In this sense, agree not to promote any action against the entities and persons identified above, concerning any loss related to the Website, for any special , indirect, exemplary, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any damages resulting from loss of use, data or profits, loss of other intangibles, loss of security of information you have provided in connection with your use of the Website or interception of any such information by third parties , whether in an action of debt, contract, negligence or other action, arising out of the use or performance of the Website or associated with the use or performance of the Website, any product and service available through the Website, any information, Digital Content, document, graphic, provision of services or failure to provide services available at the Website or the Website.

15. Breach of these terms and conditions

15.1. If in Breach in any way to these terms and conditions, or if we have reasonable doubt that you have complied with these terms and conditions regardless of all other rights of these terms and conditions, we may:

a) Send You formal warnings;

b) Temporarily Suspend Your access to the Website;

c) Prohibit the Your access to the Website;

d) Block computers with Your IP ADDRESS from accessing the Website;

e) Contact any or all of Your internet service providers and request that they block Your access to the Website;

f) Start legal actions against You for breach of contract or other reason;

g) Suspend or delete the account from the Website.

16. Changes

16.1. These terms and conditions may be revised when it deems necessary.

16.2. We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to modify, in whole or in part and at any time the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any changes shall take effect from the date of notification to Members and their publication on the Website. The use of this Website after the publication of the said amendments and notifications implies that the Member acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement after modification. If you do not accept the binding to this contract and its terms and conditions, after modified, you should not continue to use or access the Website.

17. Assignment

17.1. You agree that we may assign, transfer, sub-contract or otherwise negotiate Our rights and/or obligations arising from the terms and conditions of this document.

17.2. You may not, without prior written consent, assign, transfer, sub-contract or otherwise negotiate its rights and/or obligations arising from the terms and conditions of this document.

18. Divisibility

18.1. If a condition of these terms and conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable by any court or competent authority, the remaining conditions continue to prevail.

18.2. If a condition of these terms and conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable by any court or competent authority, if it is possible to make it legal and enforceable by eliminating a part, it is considered that this part was eliminated and the remainder of this condition is held enforceable.

19.  Third party rights

19.1. These terms and conditions are for Our benefit and Yours. The terms and conditions of this document are not to be used or applied to any person or third party.

19.2. The exercise of the rights of the participants of the terms and conditions of this document, We and You are not, nor can they be subject to the consent of any person or third party.

20.  Entire agreement

20.1. The terms and conditions of this document, in conjunction with our privacy policy and policy on Cookies, constitute the entire contract between Us and You in connection with your use of the Website and related activities and replaces any previous agreement relating to the same subject.

21. Law and Jurisdiction

21.1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Portuguese law.

21.2. The Venue and jurisdiction for any disputes shall be the judge by the District of Coimbra Courts, in Portugal.

22. Registration and tax information

22.1. We are a company registered with the commercial registry of Coimbra (Conservatória do registo comercial de Coimbra) with the number 503003913;

22.2. Our VAT registration number is 503003913.

23. Our contacts

23.1. This Website is owned and operated by Central Projects, Ltd.;

23.2. Our registered office is on Rua Brigadeiro Correia Cardoso nº 340 ground floor, right .3000-084 Coimbra, in Coimbra, Portugal.

23.3. Our phone number is 00 239 351 712998;

23.4. You can contact us for our address above, using the contact form on the Website, or by email to, or by phone.

24. Version

24.1. This is the Version 01.03 of October 20, 2015 the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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